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PERT Boot CampThe following are current programs of the Pasadena Fire Department and its affiliate organizations.


For more information on any Pasadena Fire Department program, please contact the Pasadena Fire Department at (626) 744-4675.


Kids Safety Academy

This program component is geared towards general fire safety education for children (ages 6-12) and their parents.  The children come to a fire station, receive a station tour, and review general fire safety in a classroom setting and experience real life situations in the Fire Safety Trailer.


Youth Safety Academy

A program geared toward high school students (ages 14-18) that provides teenagers the opportunity to receive guidance for career development and gives them a great outlook and perspective in protecting themselves and their families through hands-on training.


Explorer Program

A learning program for young adults (ages 14-22) interested in a career in the fire services.  Explorers volunteer 2 weekends per month and learn about duties in public safety and fire service.  Many go on to apply to fire academies.  


Pasadena Emergency Response Team (PERT) TrainingPERT Classroom

A program designed to help neighborhoods be self-sufficient in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, such as a major earthquake.  Areas of focus include: disaster preparedness, fire suppression, basic first aid, and light search and rescue.  


Emergency Medical Services Reserve (EMSR)

A volunteer unit of the Pasadena Fire Department that provides emergency medical care to citizens and visitors of Pasadena.   These certified Reservists assist at major events and venues such as The Rose Bowl and The Pasadena Marathon, and will assist during a major catastrophe.  


To learn more about EMSR, visit their website at: www.emsr.org 


“Safe Haven” Program

This safe surrender program designates Pasadena’s fire stations as sites for the surrender of newborn infants (up to 72 hours old) without fear of prosecution. 


Safe House Program

This program designates Pasadena’s fire stations as sites as locations for children to go to for safety or assistance if they feel threatened or in the event of an emergency. 


PERT InstructionCommunity Outreach and Public Education

Ongoing community outreach and fire safety education, including: fire station tours, fire extinguisher demonstrations, smoke detector programs, apparatus demonstrations, attendance at health fairs, fire safety demonstrations at Pasadena Public schools and career day presentations at junior high and high schools.



Questions about Programs?  Please contact [email protected]

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